What Are Tanker Boots For?

What Are Tanker Boots For?

Traditionally, tanker boots were developed and designed for men fighting and working on tanks and were, therefore, part of a military uniform.

They are designed to be protective but also very easy and fast to pull on–you can imagine why when they are used for military reasons! However, not all tanker boots are reserved for the military these days. Now some special features are used in modern-day construction boots.

Ever Boots has a solid range of high-quality construction boots with specialized features to help you throughout your workday. It is possible that the Tank range was inspired by tanker boots, which offer additional protection and features. Read on to learn what tanker boots are used for and how they can benefit you in your workplace.

Essential Protective Gear

One of the key benefits of tanker-inspired boots is that they come with an elevated level of protection, which is implemented in several ways. For instance, you can purchase a pair of tanker boots with a steel toe boot, such as Ever Boots’ 'Tank S' boot model.

Steel toe boots are very important for anyone who works in a hazardous environment, such as a construction site or workshop where there is a risk of puncture or impact from falling objects or debris. Another feature you might have with tanker boots is anti-fatigue steel shanks designed to provide your foot with enhanced arch support. This is very good for preventing stress on your feet when navigating stairs, ladders, or scaffolding.


Tanker boots have been developed to withstand all weather conditions, including rain. This means that waterproofing and weatherproofing are very important. High-quality waterproof construction boots have been designed to keep your feet warm and dry no matter what, which is essential if you are working outside all day.

How Do You Ensure Effective Waterproofing? 

It's done through a variety of methods and careful craftsmanship. Firstly, these shoes will be made out of a natural or synthetic material that is already waterproof to some extent. Next, the material is further enhanced by applying waterproof spray or paint to keep the water out, even in downpours. Lastly, many of our waterproof work boots will also feature sealed seams. This ensures that even the tiniest gaps between the stitching on the shoe cannot let water in.


Tanker boots are made to last, making them a smart investment for long-term use. Through waterproofing, high-quality materials, and good craftsmanship, tanker boots have been designed and made sturdy and last for years to come.

Additionally, many of the boots you will find in the range at Ever Boots come with Goodyear Welt construction, which has significantly improved durability. Each piece of the design, from materials to fitting the shoe together, has been carefully executed to ensure longevity and durability even in inclement weather or difficult working conditions.

Easy And Comfy

As mentioned, tanker boots are made for people who are on the go and need to move quickly. Even if you are not working on a tank, there is a good chance you may need to rush from time to time, and tanker boots are the best option. Easy to slip on and lace-up, these boots are comfortable, secure, and simple to put on.

Ever Boots offers tanker-style boots that also keep your comfort in mind. All-weather breathability and insulation ensure that your feet remain dry and comfortable all year long, so you won't feel sweaty or uncomfortable while you work. Soft leather also ensures flexibility in the shoe itself once broken in. Navigating your workplace has never been easier than with Everboots' trusty tanker boots!

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