How to Waterproof Your Ever Boots

How to Waterproof Your Ever Boots

Waterproofing. First things first, if you know you’ll be working around water and you absolutely need waterproof boots all year round, make this easy and get yourself the Ultra Dry Ever Boots They’re waterproof out of the box, and you won’t have to worry about waterproofing maintenance.


But maybe waterproofing isn’t your #1 priority or you’re just looking for a way to protect your leather boots for specific jobs. Heads up: waterproofing products aren’t permanent. Snowy days are ahead after all, so what can you do to protect your boots?

We’ve talked about it before, moisture in your boots is definitely not ideal. Not only can it damage your leather, but it can also lend to bacterial or fungal growth - and it’s just not comfortable! Waterproofing can help alleviate those problems.


Step 1: Choose your waterproofing product

Pay attention to what your boots are made of. Most waterproofing treatments are made for full-grain or rough style leathers like suede. Ideally, you’ll have already broken in your boots before waterproofing them. Wax treatments used to be the norm, but are less common now. You’ll also want to avoid wax if you intend to resole your boots.


Step 2: Clean your boots

You want the waterproofing treatment to completely seal out any moisture. Dirt on your boots could get in the way of that. That’s why you have to clean them out. Check out our full cleaning tips here. Long story short, clean off any dirt or debris with a brush, take off the laces and insoles, and use an appropriate cleaning product to deep clean the leather.


Step 3: Apply the waterproofing treatment

Follow the indicated instructions for your individual treatment. Most products have similar applications, although there are variations. Start by getting your boots wet. Running water over them isn’t enough. You want them to be fully soaked through. That usually happens after properly cleaning them, but if not, you can wrap your boots in wet towels and leave them for 2-3 hours. Once they’re sufficiently soaked, apply the treatment. Make sure to sufficiently apply the treatment to the seams, creases, and around the hardware.


Step 4: Dry your boots

Give yourself time to adequately dry your boots. Leave them in a normal temperature, dry space. You do not want to use heat, otherwise you risk damaging your boots - especially leather. For more tips on drying your boots after treatment, click here. Once they’re completely dry, wipe off any excess product, and you’re good to go. Just be sure to keep up with waterproofing treatments as they are just temporary fixes.

And there you have it, perfectly waterproofed boots. You’re ready to shovel the driveway, get to work, or go on your next adventure.


Learn more about the styles and features of EVER BOOTS products here.

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