Removing Odor from Boots

Removing Odor from Boots

Let’s be honest, your boots stink. There’s no way around it. Your boots endure a lot every time you wear them. Hard work will make you break a sweat, especially in well insulated boots. All that moisture build up is the #1 culprit for smelly boots because it creates the perfect environment for odor causing bacteria and fungi. While sweating may be inevitable, there are a few things you can do to prevent and remove odors.

Prevention: there are a lot of quick and easy steps you can take to minimize odors from the get go

  • Your choice in socks actually make a big difference. Stay away from cotton socks that absorb moisture and opt for socks made of natural fibers like wool. Wool socks offer more comfort and minimize moisture build up. You can also go for moisture wicking socks or even antifungal socks if wool isn’t your thing. Our tip: Be sure to change out your socks every 3 months once they’ve lost their sweat-locking capability
  • At the end of the day, store your boots properly. At the very least, be sure to leave them in a dry, well lit area as bacteria thrive in dark, damp atmospheres. Leave them overnight with the tongue open to maximize airflow. To ensure dryness, you can also choose from cedar shoe trees, newspaper, or dryer sheets to draw out excess moisture. Bottom line: make sure they dry before using them again.
  • Give your feet extra attention. When you shower, be sure to wash your feet well, especially between the toes. You could also use antibacterial soaps to help prevent odors.
  • You could also invest in a second pair of boots. Depending on how often you wear them, it might be helpful to just have another pair so you can rotate between the two. That way, you can use the second pair while the first pair has ample time to dry off.



  • Clean your boots! Most shoe odors come from the inside, but dont forget about all the dirt and grime that build up on the surface. Check out our Top Tips to Clean and Protect Your  Boots if you haven’t already.
  • An easy step you can take is to simply change the insoles. Insoles act like a sponge for sweat and removing them will get rid of a ton of odor causing bacteria, .
  • Stick your boots in the freezer. The odor causing bacteria can’t survive at such low temperatures, so leaving your boots in a freezer for a few hours could do the trick. Just be sure to keep your freezer clean by using plastic bags.
  • Try baking using baking soda. Because it’s a natural deodorizer, all you have to do is sprinkle a thin layer into your boots after using them and leave it overnight. Tap out any excess in the morning and you’re good to go.
  • Odor fighting powder or spray can help prevent and neutralize odors as well. Just apply the product before and after using your boots. Odor fighting shoe products can be easily found at shoe stores or big-box stores like Target or Walmart.

EVER BOOTS will keep your feet well protected while at work, but following these tips can help you avoid bacterial and fungal infections as well. You’re going to have these boots for a long time, so keeping them clean both inside and out will help you maximize your investment.


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