Construction Work Boots for Men's Comfort

Most Comfortable Mens Construction Boots

Work boots may be safe. They may be sturdy. They may even be stylish. 

But rarely does anyone say, "I love my work boots so much I could wear them all day every day!"

This is because most work boots are not built with your comfort in mind. They are built for safety, sturdiness and (occasionally) style. 

This does not mean your men construction boots cannot be comfortable. It is not an impossible goal. But you need to know what to look for when you shop. 

4 Tips for Picking Comfortable Men Construction Boots

Perfect Waterproof Construction Boots Fit & Sizing

These tips will help you pick comfortable men's moc toe boots.

1. Identify the basic construction work boots safety needs.

We know the OSHA laws are clear-cut when it comes to basic safety boots requirements.

This blog post will help you identify exactly what type of construction work boots you need for your industry.

2. Try on the boots while wearing the same socks you wear on the job.

You won't know how the boots will really feel unless you are wearing the exact socks you are required to wear on the job site.

3. Test for length, width and overall fit.

Your feet are going to swell as you stand. So you want to choose waterproof construction boots that will hold your feet in place securely without being too tight.

4. Pay attention to arch support.

Are your feet killing you after a day of work? This is because many construction boots are made to bend at the arch. This means you don't have any arch support!

The best waterproof construction boots are made to bend at the ball of the foot so the arch of your foot always stays supported.


What We Recommend for Total Work Boot Comfort

Do you need help finding just the right mens waterproof construction boots for your foot size, work flow and industry? Use this handy guide!

Roofing, Framing, Construction, Workshop.

Our "Weldor" black moc toe boots blend style and utility with total comfort on and off the job.

Black 'Weldor' Men's Moc Toe Construction Work Boots Wedge

- All-around water repellant.

- Breathable unlined leather inner.

- 2.0MM protective leather outer.

- Anti-slip extra grip tread bottom.

- Lightweight, maneuverable EVA/rubber anti-shock sole.

Black and brown men's moc toe boots available.

Linesman, Mechanic, Warehouse, Maintenance, Plumber.

Our "Submarine" waterproof steel toe work boots for men offer the ultimate in protection plus comfort on the job.

'Submarine' Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boot

- Certified ASTM F2413 M/I-75/C-95 impact tested.

- Reinforced steel toe.

- All-around waterproof leather.

- Oil resistant and slip resistant high-grip soles.

- EVA PU midsole for extra arch support and total foot comfort.

- Quick and easy on/off with hook and loop lacing.

Need all this plus extra electrical protection? Try our "Protector" steel toe work boots with steel shanks and 18,000+V EH protection.

Let our friendly customer support team guide you to the best waterproof construction boots for you!

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