What Safety Features Do I Need in My Work Boots?

What Safety Features Do I Need in My Work Boots?

Not all work boots are made the same. And that’s a good thing! Different jobs require different safety and comfort features in your work boots. Here are the top features to look for when deciding what kind of boots you need. 

Abrasion Resistance

Ever Boots Submarine

If you’re walking constantly across many different types of surfaces, look for a boot that’s built to withstand all of that. 

Composite or Steel Toe

For those that often have to move or lift heavy objects. Good quality work boots will have an ASTM rating that tells you exactly how much the toe protection can withstand for both punctures and impact. 

Slip Resistance

Another self explanatory feature, but an important one nonetheless. This is ideal if your workplace is prone to water, oil, or chemicals on the ground. AND for those that frequently climb ladders or work on elevated ground. It’s a good idea to have slip resistance for most jobs, but especially those working in medicine, the food industry, or plumbing. 

Oil Resistance 

The oil and gas industries expose your work boots to some of the harshest conditions possible. These kinds of environments can be corrosive to common boot materials, so if you work in the oil, gas, automotive, you’ll need some oil resistance. The added protection will resist damage much better than an ordinary work boot.


Ever Boots Ultra Dry

Keeping your boots and feet dry is vital to maintaining your boots and also avoiding unpleasant odors or infections on your feet. So if your work environment is prone to being wet for whatever reason, waterproofing is your friend. You can add waterproofing materials to regular work boots, but if you can get a boot that’s built to be waterproof, you won’t have to worry about re-applying waterproofer every few months. 

Electrical Hazard Protection 

If your work deals with electrical hazards, you’re going to need a pair of boots that are equipped to keep you safe in those kinds of situations. But note that some jobs require protection from electrocution, while others need static dissipative EH protection. 

No matter your workplace or your job, when your feet aren’t comfortable, at best you’re inconvenienced, but at worst, you could experience injury and harm. Knowing what to look for in your work boots not only keeps you comfortable, but also makes sure you’re safe no matter the job. 

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