Best Boots for Rainy Weather

Best Boots for Rainy Weather

It’s springtime in a lot of places around the country and that means we’re due for some rainy days ahead. If you’re trying to get around a city or just walk the dog around your block, it’s important that you wear the right footwear for the occasion. 

When it comes to rain, proper footwear will keep your feet dry and prevent the risk of slipping on slick, wet surfaces. Some folks might gravitate toward rubber rain boots, but those aren’t for everyone. Apart from them not being all that breathable, they’re also not very versatile. 

So, if you’re looking for something that will keep you dry in inclement weather and also be functional year round, you might be interested in investing in a pair of good work boots. 

Our Recommendations: 

Leather work boots

While a pair of workboots are great in a work environment, they’re also perfectly suitable for everyday wear. The leather materials offer water resistance and durability so you can get from point A to B without worrying about completely ruining your shoes.   They’re also supportive enough for casual walks or a short commute. They won’t soak up water like a regular pair of sneakers might, but untreated leather has its limits. If you’re likely to encounter rain or wet environments more often, there are two other options below. 

Waterproofing your boots

Another option is waterproofing your boots to stand up better to rain and mud. While leather offers water resistance, it’s not advisable to submerge them in water, especially for an extended period of time. You can add waterproofing products to add an additional barrier and protect your leather from too much damage. This is a good option for folks that live in rainy climates and are likely to need them for more than just a few days in a row.

Learn more about waterproofing your boots here

Waterproof Boots

If you need even more protection from water, you might want to go for a pair of waterproof boots. They’re made with waterproofing in mind, so they’re completely sealed to block off any moisture from coming in, even when partially submerged in water. That makes them perfect even for hiking, where you’re likely to encounter more water and mud. Check out the Ever Boots Ultra Dry. It’s totally waterproof and provides ample support for all day wear.

Learn more about how to choose the perfect pair of waterproof boots here

All in all, work boots are a great option for rainwear. They range from water resistant to fully waterproof and are much more versatile than a regular pair of rainboots. So why go for a pair of shoes that only make sense when it’s raining outside, when you can get a pair that transitions perfectly no matter the weather, surface, or activity. 


At Ever Boots, we pride ourselves on making high quality, durable boots for a very reasonable price. We believe that we can use the best materials, NOT cut corners, and still offer the best for our customers. And for the past five years, we have. Learn more about the styles and features of EVER BOOTS products here.

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