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A Quick Guide to Drying your Ever Boots

October 22, 2018

A Quick Guide to Drying your Ever Boots

It’s bound to happen - take care of them the right way.


Whether it’s just a rainy day at work or basically part of the job description (you might want to invest in a pair of waterproof “ULTR DRY” EVERBOOTS), your boots will get wet. And that’s a no-go. Not only is it uncomfortable, but wearing wet boots can lead to bad odors, bacteria, and painful blisters. You’ll want to dry them properly before wearing them again.

The best way to dry your boots is the good old fashioned way: air dry. Store them in a cool, well ventilated part of your house, and let the water evaporate. This is often time consuming, and if you don’t have a second pair of boots, your wet ones might not dry by morning. You can expedite the process by:

  • Unlacing and opening up the boots to increase airflow
  • Removing the inserts to dry separately or buying moisture-wicking/quick-drying inserts
  • Inserting scrunched up newspapers or towels to absorb excess moisture
  • Leaving your boots by an electric fan overnight
  • Leaving your boots out in the sun
  • Investing in a boot dryer

Do NOT use alternative heat sources like a furnace, fireplace, or hair dryer to speed up the drying process. While it make help speed up the evaporation, it will also damage the boots’ material and possibly loosen the adhesives that hold the shoes together.

If you have the time, it’s advisable to clean your wet boots before drying them. Specifically, you want to remove any exterior dirt or grime before it dries onto the leather and becomes even harder to remove. For more cleaning tips, you can check out our other blog post “Top Tips to Clean and Protect your Boots”.


Long story short, if you want to dry your boots without damaging them, it takes time at least 24-48 hours ). If you can’t afford to wait, you might want to consider buying a second pair of boots and alternate between the two. In any case, Ever Boots are durable and built to last, but you can practice regular care and maintenance to make the most out of them.

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