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Ever Boots| Work Shoe 'Traveler' Men's Slip Resistant Lightweight

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The work shoe Traveler delivers a new level of comfort for anyone who spends hours on their feet. These mesh slip-on shoes are durable yet lightweight, giving you the support and agility to move with ease. Built to resist slips, the Traveler lets you focus on your work and not on your feet.

  • Certified Mark II (PIAST) slip-resistant outsole provides traction and safety against unsuspecting oil and water spills
  • Flexible construction lets you handle sudden stops, pivots, and bending with ease
  • Ultra lightweight soft mesh slip-on design brings maximum comfort for all day wear
  • PU insole and EVA/RUBBER outsole for quicker movement
  • Perfect for: server, chef, nurse, doctor, healthcare and food service industry
  • Sizes may vary for individual: Big Fitting, Runs 1/2 Size Bigger than Sketcher and Timberland.
Your satisfaction is our priority. Your Ever Boots purchase will be covered if:
  • Outsole falls apart within 3 months
  • Leather rips due to normal wear
  • Upper and outsole separate

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