EVER BOOTS "Traveler" Men's Slip Resistant Lightweight Flexible Work Shoe Slip On

The Traveler delivers a new level of comfort for anyone who spends hours on their feet. These mesh slip-on shoes are durable yet lightweight, giving you the support and agility to move with ease. Built to resist slips, the Traveler lets you focus on your work and not on your feet.


***Oil+ Water Slip Resistant Outsole meets Mark II Slip Resistant 

***PU Insole and EVA/RUBBER Flexible Bending Outsole 

***Ultra Lightweight Soft Mesh Fabric Upper Elastic Side Gores at Opening Slip on

Work Field

Great Quality for Server, Waiter, Chef, Bartender, Nurse, Doctor or Food and Health Industry.


Big Fitting, Runs 1/2 Size Bigger than Sketcher and Timberland