Wide Feet Boots For Big Men

Wide Feet Boots For Big Men

Do you have wide feet? If you are like so many people with a wider foot base, you may not realize how choosing too-tight boots can cause serious long-term foot health issues. 

Most footwear being sold today just isn't made to accommodate less common foot sizes or foot widths. So what can you do to find the best fitting boots if your feet are naturally wide? 

In this post, learn how to find great value boots for big wide feet men by shopping online.


3 Things Your Wide Feet Need to Stay Healthy 

As Healthline explains, people are not always born with wide feet. Feet will often get wider as you age. Wearing the wrong shoes and boots can also cause your feet to get wider. 

More worryingly, if you have wide feet and aren't wearing the right shoes, your feet can develop painful, expensive and difficult to treat health issues. 

Bunions, hammertoes, crossover toes, calluses and ingrown toenails can happen when you cram your feet into shoes that don't fit properly. These types of health conditions can take months if not years and thousands of dollars to correct.

You really don't want to go through this if you can avoid it! 

Here are the three things your wide feet really need to stay healthy: 


1.The right foot measurement. 

This helpful YouTube video from a foot doctor explains how to measure your foot to be sure you are choosing the right boot size.


2. Periodic foot re-measurement. 

As the Cleveland Clinic highlights, your feet can change size and width as you get older. This means it is smart to have your feet re-measured periodically so you can adjust the shoe size you are wearing as needed.


3. Adequate room in the toe area of each foot. 

One common misunderstanding is that wide feet need more room all the way from the front to the back of the shoe. Often all that is needed is a wider toe box.


How to Choose the Best Work Boots for Big Men With Wide Feet 

These three tips can help you shop online wisely for the best work boots for big men with wide feet.


1. Be sure the manufacturer offers a refund or exchange policy. 

Sometimes you just can't know for sure if a new pair of boots will fit properly until you try them out.


2. Read other customer reviews before you choose your size. 

Customer testimonials can alert you to whether the shoes run small, large, narrow, wide or just right.


3. Try them on with the same socks you will be wearing with them. 

This way, you can get an accurate sense of whether the shoe interior offers your feet sufficient room. 

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