The Most Durable Leather for Boots

The Most Durable Leather for Boots

Leather is a popular crafting material because it can handle a lot of wear and tear. However, when it's used to make a leather work boot, a shoe designer must use proper materials to make quality footwear that's durable and strong. Regular leather boots aren't built for harsh environments since mud, dirt, and heat can cause mild to severe damage. If you're looking for a solid all-around leather construction boot, you'll need a tough leather. 

In this guide, you'll discover which leather is the toughest and what material works best on certain types of boots.

Leather Types


Ostrich leather stands out because it's thick and elegant. If you wear a pair of Ostrich work boots, you'll experience a high level of comfort since this type of leather is supple and soft.

The big benefit is that ostrich leather doesn't break down or crack easily. The material gets its durability from its natural oils. These oils also provide long-lasting protection against the effects of sun exposure and heat damage. If you need construction boots for grueling jobs in open spaces that lack shade, our ostrich leather boots are worth considering.

Crocodile and Alligator

Crocodile and Alligator Leather

Make a statement during every construction project while wearing crocodile leather boots. This leather is popular among workers because it's very fashionable and extremely strong. There is one slight advantage; a typical alligator or crocodile boot is expensive. Crocodile and alligator leather suppliers set high prices because the scales on the leather add value. Besides the exotic look, every scale also gives a leather boot an extra layer of protection by acting as durable shields.

You can wear alligator or crocodile boots confidently while operating heavy machinery. If you bend or stretch these boots while implementing construction procedures, the leather won't tear as the scales make the boots stiff. The leather part of the boot stays in optimum condition when it flexes because all stress occurs in a concealed area that's between the scales.

If you buy a pair of alligator or crocodile boots from our store, you'll get quality products. Our top construction work boots are made of leather from farm-bred gators and crocodiles, and they can turn heads during and after a commercial construction project.


Kangaroo Leather

Kangaroo leather is a solid choice for light construction jobs. When compared to other kinds of leather, a kangaroo variety is much lighter. However, it's strong enough to resist abrasions. Many consumers pick kangaroo leather boots instead of cowhide because it resists abrasion better.

Australian kangaroo leather is one of the toughest leathers for a work boot. It's a quality material because its top layers don't dry out quickly like traditional cowhide.

A boot that's made of kangaroo leather is more valuable than goatskin or cowhide. According to experts, a piece of kangaroo leather is ten times stronger than a basic cowhide, and its density is 50 percent better than the goat leather.

In the footwear world, most people believe that kangaroo leather is the best material for construction boots for men. An average kangaroo boot won't weigh you down because its outer layer isn't very thick. Typically, a well-designed boot weighs about two ounces.

Boots that are made of kangaroo leather flex well. However, this leather won't stretch a lot throughout long construction projects since kangaroo hide has fibers that are concentrated, tense, and thin. The top layer of the material is dry, and it doesn't chip as there are oils that help preserve the core.

Looking for Heavy-duty Leather Boots?

Look no more! Everboots offers a range of sturdy and durable construction work leather boots ideal for the toughest days on the field.

Check out one of our best sellers below!

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Sharkskin Leather

Sharkskin boots are great work shoes for construction men because they're very rugged. If you accidentally rub a sharkskin boot against a sharp object, it won't tear as shark hide has great abrasion-resistant properties. Sharkskin gets its strength and stability from its fiber structure. Other types of leather aren't made like sharkskin because shark hide has long fiber structures. If you need a dense boot, sharkskin is a practical choice because the fibers increase its tensile strength.

Among traditional boots, sharkskin boots make an impact since they have a unique grain. The texture of the grain varies based on the size of a sharkskin hide and its species.

We sell sharkskin work boots for men that have character. If you try on a pair, they will support your feet since they don't stretch. Sharkskin stays flat because it's dry, and its dryness makes the top layer strong.

Typically, the top portion of a sharkskin boot has a unique finish that's hard. Because the finish is dense, it creates a shield that prevents nicks and tears. However, every part of a sharkskin boot doesn't provide the highest level of protection since certain areas on a shark's hide are more brittle than others.


Elephant hide is another material that has a long fiber structure. As a result, it's one of the toughest leathers for a boot. Underneath the sun, an elephant boot won't crack or tear.

This type of boot is very comforting because an elephant's hide has open fibers that are soft. Also, since the fibers are spaced, an elephant boot gets great air circulation.

Elephant boots aren't great for construction zones in rainy climates. On these boots, the fibers are open, so water will easily seep between them.

Picking Toughest Leather Boot

The easiest way to pick a tough leather boot for a certain project is by narrowing down your options. There are many things that make leather tough; however, the most reliable characteristic is its density.

Overall, among all of the leather materials, kangaroo hide is the toughest. If you can't afford a boot that's made with kangaroo leather, consider buying a pair of tough leather boots on the lower end of the scale. Since all exotic leathers are dense, most of the weaker varieties will provide a similar level of protection against the elements. If you want to buy a pair of heavy-duty leather work boots, visit our store today. 

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