Waterproofing Cheap Boots: Should You Do It?

Waterproofing Cheap Boots: Should You Do It?

Few things can spoil your day more quickly than a pair of cold, wet socks. Moisture seeping into your boots can lead to some unpleasant conditions and even create the ideal atmosphere for blisters to form. Soggy feet should be a thing of the past if you have water proof boots.

Whether you're wearing your boots for hiking, working, or just surviving the outdoors, there's a high chance they already have a waterproofing treatment on them. However, you'll need to treat your feet on a frequent basis to keep them dry in the long run.

The frequency with which you must waterproof your boots is determined by how frequently you wear them. When your boots are particularly dirty or water stops beading on their surface, it's a good idea to waterproof them. This could mean waterproofing them once every few months.

Why You Should Water Proof Your Boots?

Salt and Water Damage is Expensive

Water can and will degrade the suppleness of your shoe's leather; material that could have lasted tens of thousands of flexes may only last a fraction of that time. Leather is a type of animal skin made composed of fat and proteins that retain a certain amount of moisture after being tanned. It is most commonly found on cattle or horses.

The crisscrossing fibers in the corium give leather its particular resilience, but they are also prone to drying out and breaking if not properly cared for. Rapid influxes and releases of moisture, as well as exposure to alkalines or acids, must be avoided because both can permanently harm the leather.

Leather can also be stained by salt and other harsh substances. They are difficult to remove after they have penetrated the leather, and if left untreated, they will not only stain the leather but will also weaken the top layers and harm the sheen.

A simple waxy polish layer between the leather and these hazardous substances could be the difference between a quick cleaning and a costly trip to the cobbler.

For Comfort

Wet feet are uncomfortable, and most of us are unable to remove our shoes and wander around in socks at work. Nothing ruins a Monday morning presentation like squeaky sneakers and chilly, wet feet. Why should something you have control over becoming a source of distraction?

Most people are unaware that when our feet are moist, we are more likely to develop blisters.

We all know how uncomfortable a sore blister can be while you're trying to enjoy yourself. When the skin becomes soft and more prone to rubbing and abrasions, a painful blister occurs. You can keep the water out and your feet dry by wearing waterproof shoes.

Learn More About Water Proof Boots

We usually don't think about our feet until our favorite pair of waterproof boots get wet, turning every step into a soggy misery. Only a pair of waterproof boots can keep our most valuable extremities safe from the elements on days when it's chilly and wet.

For anyone who is familiar with the stiff terrain seen in most professions, these shoes are a must-have. If you're looking for the greatest pair of waterproof boots, look no further than Ever Boots.

We have a wide range of water-resistant boots intended for every job scenario imaginable, check out our collection of water proof boots. You may email us at support@everboots.com or contact us at 951-268-6549 at Ever Boots today!

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