Waterproof Construction Boots for Hiking

Waterproof Construction Boots for Hiking

When you think of waterproof construction boots, you probably think of work. This is natural! But did you know that some of the best waterproof construction boots can make for fabulous hiking boots as well? 

The reason for this is simple. Many of the needs you have on the job site are very similar to the needs you have while on the hiking trail. You need durability. You need comfort. You need safety under changeable and sometimes adverse conditions. 

In this post, learn about some of the best waterproof work boots on sale that can also serve you well as great wide hiking boots for your next outdoor adventure.


Construction Versus Hiking Boot Similarities 

As Camotrek explains, the construction of hiking boots is actually quite comparable to the construction of work boots.


Both types of boots have two basic parts: 

  • Upper.
  • Sole (includes midsole, insole and outsole).


These two main parts have very similar jobs to do: 

  • Upper: conforms to your foot shape, helps wick away moisture and lets your foot breathe, protects your whole foot from damp and injury. 
  • Sole: provides shock absorption, traction, protection from slips and trips, arch support.


Can You Use Your Boots for Both Work and Hiking? 

A great set of work boots has the same basic feathers as a great set of hiking boots. These features include the following: 

  • Stretchable yet strong and durable material.
  • Breathable and moisture-wicking.
  • Wearable out of the box (i.e. doesn't need breaking in first).
  • Dirt and water resistant.
  • Anti-slip grip with built-in traction.
  • Foot protection and climate control (insulating plus thermo-regulating).
  • Arch and foot support for comfort and safety.


If you have been reading through this list while thinking that these are the exact qualities you also look for in work boots, you are on to something. After all, both work and hiking can subject your feet to some pretty serious challenges. 

So a good boot for either use will be able to meet these challenges from every angle. 

But the key question then becomes, will one set of boots be durable enough to be used for both work and hiking? As this in depth YouTube video explains, the answer is "it depends on the boots you choose."


Roomy Waterproof Boots for Hiking and Work 

Anyone who has ever gone hiking already knows how miserable it is when your toes are sore. Too-tight, too-narrow shoes that constrict your toes are bad enough on a flat, even surface. But just try walking up and downhill in shoes that give your now-swollen feet nowhere to go. 

The best way to avoid this is to choose wide hiking boots that give you a bit more room than you think you will need. 

Are you shopping online for hiking boots for big wide feet men? You won't find better or more affordable hiking boots than our spring collection here at Ever Boots.

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