“Our goal was to design a pair of boots that meets needs of the customer and, on top of that, is everlasting.”


EVER BOOTS started as an idea: to provide boots that would be held accountable for their quality, durability, and affordability. How can boots be created for both protection and comfort? Can they be made to last longer? What can I do to make them affordable to the everyday customer? These are the questions that EVER BOOTS founder Greg Liu sought to answer.

Prior to starting EVER BOOTS, Greg was a salesman for a small safety footwear company. He was able to learn about the business side of things, as he watched what it took to maintain and grow a company from the ground up. Not only did he learn about the footwear industry as a salesman, he also got to explore more by volunteering in a factory quality control department overseas.

After accumulating 400 hours of certified footwear class, he felt that the majority of name brands were overpriced. He believed that if there were a way to create a line of quality footwear for a reasonable price, it would be up to him to make it happen. And EVER BOOTS was born. 


 “The only boots you’ll ever need.”

Today, EVER BOOTS has built the reputation that Greg hoped to create. With five signature designs that are both functional and stylish, the company has grown to reach customers both across the nation and around the world. The founder plans to continue to expand the success of his business while continuing to follow through the original philosophy and make the best product for his loyal customers.

Learn more about the styles and features of EVER BOOTS products here.


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