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The NEW Lightweight Work Boot: The Ever Boots Warepro

December 24, 2018

The NEW Lightweight Work Boot: The Ever Boots Warepro

You know you need a pair of shoes that offer you ample protection at the workplace, but you could live without lugging around the extra weight that comes with a traditional work boot. Some days, you might even say “screw it” and wear a pair of sneakers to work.

Well, it’s time to forget about that train of thought. We finally have the shoe you’ve been looking for. Introducing, the Warepro.

The Warepro is the perfect balance between comfort and protection. With an alloy toe and a slip-resistant outsole, the Warepro offers you the same protection you’d expect from your current work boots. But its flexible rubber frame make them lightweight, so you can stay light on your toes.


The Specs:

    • Alloy Toe Protection meets ASTM F2412-18, 5, I75
    • Oil+ Water Slip Resistant Outsole meets Mark II Slip Resistant
    • PU Insole and EVA/RUBBER Flexible Bending Outsole
    • Available in black OR grey
    • Fit true to size


Bottom line, you’ll be more comfortable in these lightweight work boots. Compared to your average work boot, they’re lighter on your feet, built to be more comfortable, and offer unparalleled breathability. Save your sneakers for your day off. Do yourself a favor, and get a pair of Warepro’s today.

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