The Difference Between 6 & 8-inch Work Boots

The Difference Between 6 & 8-inch Work Boots

We believe the boots that you select should meet your specific job requirements. Boots shouldn't feel exceptionally clunky while working, but you may need additional protection if you are working in specific job fields. Construction boots for men should also be durable and affordable. If boots cannot handle significant stress while working, then owners may end up spending excess money replacing them across the long term.

Six-Inch Boots

6-inch Construction Boots for Men

Those who are looking for construction boots may want to consider six-inch boots because these provide a lot of flexibility and support. Six-inch boots are also ideal for those who work in farming jobs. Workers who need to walk over uneven terrain may want to consider these boots because they will typically bend more easily. These boots come in many different styles, so they're appropriate for a variety of work environments.

Six-inch boots may also be preferable for employees who work in restaurants or office jobs. We understand that some people simply prefer to wear boots because they like the style, so a six-inch boot with a one-inch heel may be ideal for general office positions. Other features you may want to consider when shopping for six-inch boots include:

  • Injection-molded supports
  • slip-resistant soles
  • Durable metal shanks
  • Steel toes
Industrial Construction Boots Selection for Men

Get The Perfect Pair of Work Boots

Everboots offers a range of sturdy and durable construction work leather boots ideal for the toughest days on the field.

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Industrial Construction Boots Selection for Men

Eight-Inch Boots

8-inch Construction Boots for Men

Eight-inch boots provide workers with additional protection. These boots are ideal for police officers, security guards, and military personnel. Eight-inch boots are less flexible, but they also typically provide extra support. These may be used as construction work boots, but they may seem a little bit restrictive to construction employees who are regularly climbing and bending at work.

Some people tend to find eight-inch boots comfortable. These are ideal for walking through brush because they protect the ankles. Less air can get into the boot, so the worker's feet may sweat a little more. Some companies design waterproof work boots for men who have to regularly walk through inches of brackish water. These boots are also pretty hard to put on, so you may want to look for a pair with side zippers. You may also want to add additional support by selecting eight-inch boots with durable phylon midsoles.

Making an Informed Decision

Choosing A High-Quality Full Range Work Boot

Our company believes work boots should ideally meet a full range of specific criteria. We suggest avoiding discomfort by choosing construction boots for men that fit properly and meet your job's ideal inch requirements. It's equally important that the chosen boots fit other criteria. Waterproof work boots may be necessary for those who work outside. You may be interested in construction boots designed in 2019 because they may match a specific style you are interested in.

Ever Boots has a wide variety of affordable work boots. Our site offers customers free shipping and returns. Check out our collection today, and choose a pair that fits your specific needs and style. Our company is named Ever Boots because our footwear is designed to last forever. We also offer waterproof work shoes and slip-resistant safety footwear.

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