The 5 Best Work boot Gifts 2019

The 5 Best Work boot Gifts 2019
We’re going to break it down and let you know everything you need to get for the construction boot wearing man/woman in your life.

So without further ado, here’s what they’re looking for:
  1. Wool socks.

    Socks can be so much more than a last minute stocking stuffer. Wool socks, specifically merino wool socks, are ideal for work boot wearers, especially during the winter months. They keep you warm without overheating. They are moisture wicking, meaning you stay dry no matter how sweaty you get. And above all, they’re soft enough to provide extra cushioning and protection from an otherwise hard and heavy work boot. Just make sure to get socks that are long enough for the boots.

  2. Cedar shoe trees.

    The perfect stocking stuffer, or boot stuffer as it were. Cedar wood trees go into the boots after a day of wear to wick out moisture, neutralize odors, and help maintain boot shape while in storage. They’re key to everyday boot maintenance. A no brainer.

  3. Boot powder.

    Like #2, it's okay to recognize that their boots are developing a bit of uhm.. Odor. It’s common! This is the perfect way to hint at the issue and offer the solution all in one. Addressing the issue sooner than later can help prevent odor causing fungus or bacteria. If you’re living with the recipient, then it might even be in your own best interest to add some odor eating foot powder to their stocking this year.

  4. Construction boot insoles.

    Just like any other part of their boots, the insoles need to be replaced once they’re worn out and flat. Keeping up with insoles is important to ensure the boots are still providing adequate support over time. If you don’t know the specifics of your boot wearer’s feet ailments (low arches, plantar fasciitis, etc) look for industrial, construction, or work insoles. Those are crafted specifically for people that work on their feet for extended periods of time, and help absorb shock from working those kinds of jobs.

  5. A spare pair of boots.

    A lot of boot wearers might be reluctant to buy themselves a second pair of boots but listen, switching out your boots regularly can make a big difference in longevity and comfort. A second pair gives them the ability to let their boots fully dry and rest before another day of work. Wearing moist boots repeatedly is one of the best ways to wear out your boots, develop odors, and overall be uncomfortable while working. Having a second pair means no one has to go through that and there are tons of high quality affordable work boots on the market
The good thing about these gifts is that they’re all practical. Whether or not the recipient already buys these things for themselves, they’re bound to replace them in just a few months.

Gifting these top 5 picks to them now means they can replace them sooner than later. And if they’re wearing these boots day in and day out, a new pair of socks or insoles can make a huge difference.

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