Rugged Boots for the Everyday Guy

Rugged Boots for the Everyday Guy

A pair of workboots is a tried and true staple in the workman’s wardrobe. As long as they’ve been around, it’s no surprise that they’ve established themselves as a classic look well beyond the worksite. And it makes sense! If they can provide comfort and support in a strenuous work environment, they’ll do wonders in an everyday setting. 

Walking long distances, climbing stairs, and navigating crowded streets day in and day out warrants a need for reliable footwear. That’s why we love a pair of work boots that can transition perfectly in and out of a work setting. 

Our top pick for the everyday work boot: The Moc Toe

The perfect alternative to your usual work boot, the moc toe is built with sleeker design that still fully delivers on the work site. It’s still a classically recognizable boot that can be worn almost anywhere. You can never go wrong with leather, and the contrast stitching is a modern touch that takes the boot to the next level, right at the intersection of performance and style. Plus, our Moc Toe, the Ever Boots Weldor, comes in two colors, brown and black, so you have options.

The shoe was built with work in mind, but that doesn’t mean that’s all they’re good for. Take them out of their natural habitat and they’ll still thrive. The leather upper highlights everything that’s good about full grain leather: lightweight, breathable, and supportive without limiting your range of motion or weighing you down. They’re also water resistant, so you’re covered in all types of weather. The Weldor is made with a rubber EVA/Rubber sole that offers ample shock absorption no matter the terrain or the distance. And their anti-slip tread patterns keep you on your feet. 


In other words, the Weldor is perfect for the on-the-go millennial to the everyday city dweller. No matter where you are or what you’re doing you can rely on a moc toe boot to keep you light on your feet and ready for anything life (or city life) throws in your direction. 

A pair of workboots can be a pretty big investment. When comfort, protection, and support are all factors in your decision making, it’s important you choose a shoe that gives you the most bang for your buck. Do yourself a favor and get a pair that not only gets the job done, but can also look good doing it.


Learn more about the styles and features of EVER BOOTS products here

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