Our Favorite Instagram Accounts to Follow

Our Favorite Instagram Accounts to Follow

Construction Projects, Tool Reviews and More!

With a lot of our projects postponed and stay at home orders in place for many states, we’ve been on social media a lot more lately. These are tough times, so we thought we’d share some of our favorite accounts to follow if you’re still looking for a construction/tool/work boot fix. 


He definitely lives up to his name, Nick is a great guy to follow. Even now, he’s consistent with his updates on everything: tools, projects, tips, and giveaways. Even if you’re not into plumbing, there’s tons of useful information on his account like tool demos and product recommendations. 


We’ve featured Matt before and we’re doing it again. Matt Panela is a good friend of ours who’s super active on social media. He first got into the trades at the age of 15 working with his father, and now he’s a 3rd generation carpenter with a big cross-platform brand. We love a good backstory and are grateful for getting to work with him. He works hard, gives back, and he’ll even hit you with some real talk. Check out his Instagram and YouTube channel for a glimpse into his everyday and of course some satisfying framing videos. 


This account is a little different from the other two we’ve included so far, but it’s definitely worth checking out. @ourruggedworkshop features the craftsmanship of a self taught woodworker, veteran, and stay-at-home dad. Some of the cool things he makes are: pens, furniture, and even wallets. He’s been keeping up with his craft even after moving to Okinawa, Japan late last year. 


If you’re into welding, you’re probably already following this account. But just in case you’ve been out of the loop, here it is! @yeti_welding is an all around cool account featuring some interesting jobs. We’re obsessed with the shipping container buildings. Be sure to take a look and keep an eye out for Gary (his truck) - I don’t know about you guys  but I consider my truck to be part of my family too. 


The beauty of Seth’s content is that it’s straight to the point. He says his account is “CONSTRUCTION/CARPENTER/TOOLS” and that’s exactly what you get. We definitely appreciate a straightforward account when it comes to social media. Check out his account for some useful tips and tool recommendations that will definitely help make your job a lot easier. 

We hope these accounts help fill any work-related voids if you’re stuck at home. Be sure to follow our Instagram @everboots for the latest updates from us including tips, product launches, and giveaways.

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