Mythbusters: Can a Horse Crush a Steel Toe Boot?

Mythbusters: Can a Horse Crush a Steel Toe Boot?

Toe amputation is a common concern among those who wear steel toe water proof boots. They believe that if a large object fell on your foot, the steel would crush around your toes, potentially severing your beloved fingers.

Because of this, many people avoid wearing steel toes and choose to wear standard work boots instead.

Is this, however, a myth? Are steel toe boots capable of chopping off toes? Is it true that steel toe boots are riskier than ordinary boots?

In this post, we'll investigate whether or not that myth is true.

Steel Toe Boots: Can They Cut Your Toes Off?

No, your steel toe boots are not going to hack off your toes. Broken bones may occur if an item is heavy enough or the impact is forceful enough, but your toes will not be severed.

This prevalent fallacy is addressed by Adam and Jamie from the renowned TV show Mythbusters. They put a pair of ordinary steel toe boots through a variety of tests during the presentation.

They dropped a 75-pound weight from 3 feet in the first test and discovered no harm to your feet. Then, they then dropped 400 pounds from a height of 3 feet. The most likely outcome is a broken toe.

Finally, they tried dropping 400 pounds from a height of 6 feet; while injuries occurred, the idea of chopping off your toes with steel toe boots was revealed to be a prevalent myth.

Of course, this show was created for amusement purposes, but its experiments are based on science. Steel toe boots have been proven time and time again to not cut off your toe and should thus be worn at all times.

Other Steel Toe Boots Myths Debunked

Steel Toe Boots Can Irritate My Toes.

Steel toe boots have evolved significantly over the last two decades. There were few possibilities for a steel toe in the beginning; all steel toes were obtained from one or two sources and were somewhat small.

Today, we have several options for steel toes that are wider and higher, with many brands producing their own steel toes for a better, more comfortable fit. The trick is to ensure that you are properly suited with a steel toe boot.

Steel Toe Boots Are Excessively Heavy

Steel toe boots certainly add weight to footwear, but it's just a little amount, and it's not the primary reason they're heavier.

Steel toe boots are developed and constructed to be an industrial quality boot, with superior, thicker leathers, midsole materials, and outsole materials, and are built to last in the workplace.

Other safety toe materials, such as alloy and composite, are now available, reducing weight marginally.

Steel Toe Boots are Not Fashionable.

Steel toe boots and waterproof boots have become increasingly fashionable in recent years.

Steel toe hiking boots, trail shoes, and athletic shoes are now available, unlike what Grandpa used to wear.

These are lighter than regular work boots and often provide additional cushioning. They will resemble a standard hiking, trail, or athletic shoe.

Check Out Ever Boots’ Steel Toe Boots Collection

Our steel toe boots are specially developed protective footwear that comes in a number of styles for maximum worksite safety. Safety toe boots can meet a wide range of requirements, including being waterproof and puncture-resistant to keep feet safe and protected from a variety of hazards.

If you have a physically demanding profession, plan to work on a construction site, or do home renovations, it's time to invest in some steel toe or water proof boots with a reinforced safety toe.

To learn more, check out our steel toe boots collection or contact us by filling out our online form at Ever Boots today!

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