Mink Oil for Work Boots

Mink Oil for Work Boots

Quality work boots require a certain level of care. In addition to regular cleaning, leather boots need to be conditioned. Conditioning not only prevents things like cracking, it also protects the leather from excess moisture, increasing their longevity and giving you more bang for your buck. And when it comes to conditioning, you can almost always bet on mink oil coming into the mix.

So what is mink oil?

Mink oil comes from the fatty under-layer of mink skin. Compared to vegetable or other animal oils, it has an extremely high percentage of unsaturated fatty acid meaning it lasts much longer before going bad.

What does it do?

This unique property is what makes it so good at treating and conditioning leather. Mink oil is one of the main ingredients in most leather care products. It does an exceptional job of softening leather, making it more flexible and comfortable without being greasy or oily.

In addition, mink oil clogs the leather’s pores which is actually a good thing. It helps to make the boots more weather resistant and is ideal for the extreme work conditions, perfect for construction work boots. Clogged pores also means the leather is more water resistant (But not waterproofed!). It’s important to block out excess moisture, the main cause for leather deterioration

Note: When applying mink oil or mink oil products to your boots, it will likely darken the color of the leather. The darkness depends on the type of product and how you apply it, but typically you can expect your boots to deepen 2-3 shades.

How do you use it?

Application depends on the type of product. Some mink oil products come in a wax-like form while others are a bit more viscous. Be sure to follow the product’s specific instructions when applying. In terms of frequency of application, your mileage may vary. Just be on the lookout for any cracking or dry spots and apply as needed.

All in all, using mink oil is undoubtedly a good measure when it comes to taking care of your leather boots. Boot manufacturers use it throughout the manufacturing process and you should continue to do so as you use them. A good pair of leather boots are an investment and can become even more comfortable over time. But whether or not they last that long is up to you. Take steps to make the most out of your investment by conditioning them regularly.

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