Meet the "Copper" and "Tank S": The Boots You Should Grab this Holiday Season

Meet the "Copper" and "Tank S": The Boots You Should Grab this Holiday Season

Are you shopping around for high-quality waterproof boots or work boots for you or your loved one this holiday season? Get the best foot protection wear without compromising comfort, style, and functionality.

Spending long hours at a job site is not only tiring, but can also put you at risk because such locations are prone to accidents and hazardous scenarios. But worry not, this holiday season, grab the best deals and invest in a new pair of waterproof boots or work boots by checking out our collection at Ever Boots.

This month, ‘tis the season to be stomping and gift-giving — because we’re giving the gift of a merry-mazing discount on “the Copper” and “Tank S” boots— an awesome holiday season deal for anyone looking for high-quality waterproof boots and work boots!

Holiday Deals for the Best Pair of Waterproof Boots and Work Boots

From December 11 to 20, our Copper waterproof boots and Tank S work boots are on sale for an excellent holiday season deal of 35% off when you purchase on the said dates. Nothing can be more amazing than getting your feet the care they deserve for a fraction of a cost!

Copper Waterproof Boots

Say goodbye to wet socks, and say hello to repelling water and keeping your feet warm during this winter season—allowing your feet to breathe and save yourself from painful blisters.

Working conditions and environments on construction sites are prone to accidents like trips, slips, and burns which are caused by wet and slippery surfaces. A good pair of waterproof boots like the Copper was designed to become our most versatile boots to date. Its features completely repel water—from its materials, lining, outsole, laces, and stitching.

Our pair of Copper waterproof boots have anti-fatigue polyurethane midsoles and full-grain leather upper to keep your feet comfortable and strain-free. Its shock-absorbing tread pattern is designed to give you better movement while focusing on your heavy tasks on the site.

And now is the best time to ensure the safety of your feet, purchase our Copper boots today and enjoy our 35% off holiday season deal!

TankS Work Boots

A well-fitting pair of work boots will support your feet and cushion them, alleviating strain on your ankles, legs, and your overall posture. Our Tank S doesn’t just provide your feet protection and comfort, but its timeless design provides you with style.

The Tank S is certified ASTM F2413-11 I/75 C/75, offering you protection from compression and impact. Its lightweight EVA shock-absorbing soles let you move swiftly on the job site. While its signature Tank tread pattern guarantees traction on all surfaces.

If you’re looking for both comfort and fashion, our pair of Tank S work boots is at 35% off from December 11 to 20. A holiday gift you or someone dear deserves!

Grab Our 35% Off Holiday Season Deals at Ever Boots!

The holiday season is indeed the gift of giving and we are excited to offer you 35% off on your Copper waterproof boots and Tank S work boots purchases from December 11 to 20!

If you’d like to learn more about our holiday season deal, visit our website and check out our collection or contact us at Ever Boots today!

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