Maintenance Tips for Work Boots in Summer

Maintenance Tips for Work Boots in Summer

When it comes to work boots and leather boots, in particular, it is essential that you take good care of them and are diligent about upkeep. Thankfully, most upkeep and maintenance for waterproof boots is quite minimal, but it does require being mindful and committed.

It will be worth it in the long run, when high-quality work boots are taken care of well, they can look pristine for a long time and will last much longer—it would be like having a pair of new boots all year round.

After a long day at work, working men might be tempted to ditch their pair of proper work boots by the door and start relaxing. However, taking even just a few minutes each day to keep your work boots clean will go a very long way.

Taking Care of Leather Work Boots

Many people choose to invest in boots that are made of leather because it is such a durable and comfortable natural material. While a new pair of boots should last a long time, there are a few things that can seriously damage and break down the material even if you are only wearing them casually.

Firstly, inclement weather can have a terrible effect on the condition of any boot, including very high-quality boots. Excessive water from rain or a worksite can damage the integrity of the boot, changing its shape by damaging the leather over time.

To avoid this type of damage, you need to take care of your shoes by applying a waterproof spray or another type of water repellent, like wax. This is your best bet when it comes to preventing water damage and creating water-resistant shoes. If you do this properly and regularly, you will notice the amazing effect that waterproofing has on your shoes.

Another type of damage might be more unexpected, and it comes from the ground. All the dirt that your work boot acquires throughout the day—or week—can slowly deteriorate the boot. Many worksites attract dirt and even just a few weeks at a construction site will have your shoes covered in dirt and debris.

A good practice is to gently remove mud and dust with a shoe brush. This will maintain your boots so that they continue to be suitable to wear to work.

Keep reading for some more tips on how to clean work boots and what cleaning methods you need to avoid.

Leather Conditioner and Other Tips

When it comes to keeping your boots looking great, shoe polish and leather conditioners will go a long way. Apply leather conditioner every once in a while to keep the suede or other material looking good and prevent any breakdown in quality. Polish work boots to ensure that they look well maintained throughout the year and apply shoe polish if you want to wear them for another occasion.

Cleaning your boots with natural and water-based products or a water-based cleaner, such as gentle dish soap or low ph shampoo, is also a good habit to get into. You can wipe off any water or excess conditioner with a dry towel and leave them to dry on their own after.

Following these steps will keep one pair of high-quality boots lasting for years to come.

There are some cleaning methods that you need to avoid! Don't do any of the following if you want to keep your boots looking good and keeping you comfortable.

Avoid Excessive Heat

When you wash your boots, it might be tempting to dry the wet leather manually with a hairdryer or radiator. Avoid this at all costs. High temperatures can damage the boot. Instead of directing high heat onto the leather, let your pair of work boots dry naturally, even in direct sunlight if you don't mind a bit of a weathered coloring.

Excessive Oiling

You might think that putting on oil multiple times a week would be good for your boots, but unfortunately, this isn't the case. Too much oil can plug up the leather and make it lose any breathability. This will cause your feet to sweat when you wear them for work, resulting in smelly feet and socks as well as general discomfort.

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