Keeping Cool While on the Job

Keeping Cool While on the Job

Your typical pair of work boots might seem to be better suited for the fall and winter months. Compared to what you may want to wear on a hot summer day, they’re heavy, insulated, and cover up your entire ankle. But a lot of the features that make them comfortable during the winter can also help keep you cool when it’s blazing hot out. 

Here are some of our tips for staying cool: 

Go for a high quality, breathable leather. Breathability and air flow will be the most important features in keeping cool. Good quality leather is beneficial during the winter because it’s insulating, but it still allows ample airflow without leaving you vulnerable to getting wet. 

The combination of staying dry and ample breathability will prevent moisture from entering your boots and allow any interior moisture from sweat to easily escape so that your feet stay cool and dry. 

While certain synthetic materials are offered on the market, we’d suggest sticking to a leather upper. It’s a much more versatile material, protecting from punctures and moisture much better than other boot materials while still being lightweight, breathable, and soft. 

Leather also holds up better over time, becoming more comfortable as the leather softens and flexes in a way that is unique to you. Plus, they transition perfectly into the cooler months. 

Look for a ventilated inner lining. 

This goes hand in hand with the breathable upper. What’s going on on the inside of the boot is just as important. You need to make sure that moisture can easily make its way out of your boots. Otherwise, trapped moisture can not only make you feel hotter and more uncomfortable, but can also contribute to issues like blisters, foot odor, or athlete’s foot. 

Some boots have a mesh inner lining which is great for air flow, allowing moisture to easily dissipate. Unlined leather is also a viable inner, which minimizes excess bulk and takes advantage of the leather’s naturally breathable properties. 

Quick break in period

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re looking for a pair of hot weather work boots right now. So it’s important to take the break in period into consideration when shopping around. Wearing a brand new pair of boots to work probably isn’t the best idea. They’re usually too stiff to be comfortable, and you’re likely to develop blisters over the first few days. 

A short break in period will ensure that you’ll be able to get out there in your new, breathable boots in no time. And sooner is obviously better than later. 

Our top pick for summer work boots: The Ever Boots Weldor. This moc toe is made with 2.0mm full grain leather, so they’re soft and comfortable right out of the box, and most importantly extremely breathable. They resist water and the wedge sole is lightweight and slip resistant. Not to mention, they look great. 

Safety footwear is a must, no matter the time of the year or the temperature outside. You shouldn’t have to compromise your safety to feel comfortable during the summer. While a pair of sneakers might seem more appealing when it’s hot out, you have to take care of your safety first. The good thing is that workboots are built to not only keep you comfortable, but also alleviate discomfort from the heat. 

Learn more about the styles and features of EVER BOOTS products here.

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