Introducing the “Weldor”

Image of Ever Boots "Weldor"

Everything you love about EVER BOOTS in a fresh new look.

Say hello to the “Weldor” Moc Toe Construction boot, the latest design from EVER BOOTS HQ and your next pair of everyday footwear.

The “Weldor” offers all the features you’ve come to know and love from EVER BOOTS. Made with premium full grain leather, goodyear welt construction, and an oil resistant lightweight sole, the “Weldor” promises the same level of comfort and durability you expect from EVER BOOTS. These boots are a must have if you work at a construction site. But their use doesn’t stop there. The “Weldor” completes your everyday look without compromising on comfort. They’re stylish enough for Instagram, if that’s your thing, but bottom line: you’re going to look good in these shoes.


Get them just in time for the fall season. The “Weldor” is available now on our site and on amazon.

Learn more about the styles and features of EVER BOOTS products here.

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