How to Style Moc Toe Boots

How to Style Moc Toe Boots

Moc boots are for men who like the traditional look of the work boots solely for styling. The white rubber sole makes them suitable for a casual office environment or dress-up event. Still, there are designs, like steel toe boots, that are mainly for construction work. Either way, they can be styled.

This post will give you some moc toe boots styling ideas you can use for work, night outs, and simple errands.

Styling Moc Toe Boots

Rule of thumb, the dressy rugged look of moc toe boots suits neutral and dark staple pieces, light layers, and accessories that exude minimalism.

Pair them With Slim Fit Jeans

Since moc toe boots have a bulky silhouette, they are best worn with slim-fit jeans. Roll up the hem of your jeans up to the height of your boots. to shift the focus on your footwear and to create balance in your attire.

Play With Light Layering

Dark-colored plain t-shirts make the base clothing for work-style boots. They are easy to style and complement light layering. Cap off your put-together rugged look with a navy blue pea coat or a fatigue-colored parka.

Try Making It Work With Preppy Items

The classic flannel shirt makes a good pair with moc toe boots, too. Button it up on top of slim-fit jeans, you can fold the sleeves or just keep the cuffs fastened.

You can also layer the shirt on top of a round-neck tee—unbuttoned at the collars or till the hemline. Add a beanie and layer of black denim jacket to complete the preppy artist look.

Create Balance With Downtime Pieces

Leather boots are a good way to upgrade the look of everyday go-to pieces like a pair of chino pants and shorts. The secret is in the color palette—keep it on the neutral side. For instance, wear tan chinos with a dark shade t-shirt, and add staple accessories like a leather belt and a watch.

When dressing up a pair of chino shorts with steel toe boots, keep the ensemble minimal. Layer only with a regular-fitting windbreaker or denim jacket. Include white socks to the mix to add subtle visual texture to the simplicity of the outfit. Raise the height a little past that of your footwear and your look is complete.

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Make Moc Toe Boots Your Fashion Staples

Moc toe boots are typical choices for those who work in physically demanding and mobile work environments. The perfect examples are house renovators, builders, warehouse personnel, and subway operators.

But throughout the years, they have also invaded the wardrobes of male fashionistas, thanks to their classic leather make. Thus, there are manufacturers who make them in a variety of designs, including those waterproofed and with and without steel toe caps.

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