How to Find the Best Summer Work Boots

How to Find the Best Summer Work Boots

Summer is here and it is far from over. The summer sun can be great at the beach or by the pool, but when you have work to do, the summer heat can be unbearable. And it’s no joke, overheating can pose serious health risks especially at a worksite. Your job isn’t easy to begin with, and the added heat is just one more thing to worry about while on the job.

If you’re looking for ways to keep cool, start with the basics and get yourself a pair of summer friendly work boots. They are the things literally keeping you on your feet, afterall. And your feet actually have a lot to do with your overall body temperature. So when you’re on your feet for hours, it’s important they’re comfortable no matter the temperature. Here are a few things you can look for in an ideal pair of summer work boots. 


Full grain leather is a great material for warmer temperatures because it keeps moisture out while still being extremely breathable. Staying dry is imperative when it gets hot. Airflow is your friend. If moisture gets trapped inside your boots, you’re more likely to get blisters. Not to mention it’s just plain uncomfortable. 

For maximum breathability, check out the moc-toe Weldor or the classic Tank. Both made of full grain leather and are soft and ready to wear out of the box. 


Relative to the last point -- Look for a mesh lining or any type of moisture wicking lining really. This, again, helps with breathability and keeping the interior of your boots dry. Airflow allows for any moisture from sweat to escape, and actually keep you cool. Otherwise, when moisture is trapped inside your boots, the interiors stay warm and damp, which are ideal conditions for blisters and odors.


Stay hydrated

Although it’s sometimes overlooked, be cognizant of how much water you’re drinking. Hydrating frequently will keep your overall body temperature down while also, you know… preventing dehydration. 

Stay in the shade

Avoid direct sunlight when you can. A little extra effort to stay in the shadows can pay off in a big way over time. 

Plan your breaks

Instead of working continuously until a task is done, plan your breaks ahead of time. Periodically stopping will give you an opportunity to stay hydrated and get out of the sun. Taking a breather every now and then will also help your endurance so you can be at your best for the entire workday. 


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