How to Dry Boots During Camping

Wet Camping Boots

Camping is always a fun activity but your boots are going to be wet. They are not going to feel comfortable so it would be time to dry work boots before using them again. If you don't clean then dry them, your feet are going to stink. You can't expect them to dry by themselves. Yes, you will need to remember several things in the drying process. There are a few people who would commit mistakes when it comes to drying boots. Here are a few things that you must remember when it is time to dry work boots:


Dry Insoles Separately from Boots

The first thing you must do is to remove the insoles from the boots then dry them separately. If you think that is such a nasty thing to do then better use gloves. Also, you don't have to separate the boot far from its insole because you may end up losing the insole. If it just rained, then look for a place where there is no dripping leaves because those things may make the insoles a bit wet.


Avoid Using a Heat Source

 Ultra Dry Boots

You are going to be tempted to use a variety of heat sources that are accessible from you like a radiator and campfire.. The truth is those things can ruin the material of the boots. It would be better to just rely on natural sunlight. When the sun is out, it should not take long for the ultra dry boots to go back to normal. Besides, campfires are for everyone to feel warm and not to dry boots. It can also be used to cook marshmallows and other foods.


Use Fan

You can take paper and fan the boots so that they will dry faster. If you brought a portable fan then that would be better as long as it is full battery since you may be using it a lot longer than expected. Of course, you used it the night before when you tried to go to sleep in your tent. Of course, when you fan the boots yourself, you are doing a little bit of exercise. You just need to be properly motivated to do it. When the winds are in your favor, you won't even notice what you are currently doing.


Stuff Newspaper Into the Boots

Dry Work Boots

Another way to speed up the drying process would be to stuff old newspaper into the inside of the boots. When this happens, you know you are drying the interiors so better make sure the newspaper is dry. When you see the newspapers you stuffed into the boots are wet, it would be time to change them. There is no doubt there is always a newspaper stuffed in your trunk for whatever reason. They are there to prevent your car from getting dirty when you put a lot of stuff in there. Thus, it would now be the time to use them.


Store Boots in Places Where Temperature is Normal

Avoid storing the boots in a place where the temperature is a bit high or low. It would be better if the temperature there is normal so you would feel confident about the outcome. Yes, it means to avoid storing them in your car trunk as that won't do you any favors. Just find a place outside where the temperature is normal. It would be alright if there are winds here and there as long as you would be getting what you are looking for. 

It is not that hard to dry work boots during camping. You just need to follow a few instructions and you are good to go. It would also be advisable to know the weather before you go camping so the boots don't get wet. However, the boots will still get wet even if it does not rain when you are there but it rained the day before. That means there are a lot of mud pools and you know you would not want to step on those things as that can only result in disaster. Thus, better be careful where you step on. If there are mud pools, better put something on them so that your boots won't get wet.

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