Cleaning and Drying your Hiking Boots with Care

Ultra Dry Construction Work Boots

In order to extend the lifespan of your dry boots, you must clean them regularly especially if you use them a lot. You can't blame yourself for wanting to use the boots pretty often since you would want to wear those hiking boots for a pretty long time especially if you love to hike. During that type of an activity, it is important to wear proper footwear so you will feel comfortable going to all the places you would want to go.

There will be times when you would want to go to the top of the mountain and the proper dry boots would make you accomplish that feat. It won't be long before you would feel confident about your bots and here is the proper method of cleaning and drying your hiking boots with the proper amount of tender loving care:

Remove Insoles and Laces

This is always the first thing you must do whenever cleaning any type of shoe. Better put the insoles and laces at a place where you will remember since you will put them back in there when it is all over. It is true how they also got wet but you know they will get dry one way or the other. When that happens, you know they would not want to do it the best way that they can so that the laces would feel smooth.

Brush Off Dirt

Using an old toothbrush, brush off all the dirty you see on the ultra dry construction work boots. There will surely be a lot of them so you must not waste any of your time when doing so. In fact, you would want to take as much dirt as possible as leaving some would not make a lot of sense in my book. You can even use a magnifying glass so that you would want to check out all the small dirty spots that would need a lot of attention.

Scrub with Water and Detergent

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Believe it or not, you are going to be using dish detergent in order to make a solution for your dry boots. Combine the dish detergent with warm water and you have something that you can scrub off the dirt off of your boots. It is certainly something you will remember since it is so easy to do. You just need to have a container for the solution and you can even do it in such a way that you can just spray it.

Remember to use a soft cloth so that the material of the boot won't get damaged easily. For the hard to reach areas, you can once again use the used toothbrush. After that, it would be time to wipe away the soap using a dry cloth. Make sure there is no more trace of the soap on the shoe when everything is said and done.

Dry Boots out of Direct Sunlight

We all know the bad effects of direct sunlight on whatever material the shoe has. Hence, better keep the shoes out of direct sunlight when you attempt to dry them outside of your house. The hiking boots should not be directly under the sunlight as there should be some type of shade under it.

Avoid Heat Source

Ultra Dry Boots

It would be wise to avoid things like hair dryers and microwaves when attempting to dry your shoe. There is no need to hurry up since the shoes will get dried eventually. When that happens, you can finally use the dry boots again for whatever purpose you want.

It is no secret this is one of those things that you must always remember whenever you purchase a waterproof construction boot. Speaking of which, if you haven't bought one yet then check out the Ultra Dry Boots of Ever Boots. You will certainly get your money's worth when getting products from them as they assure ultimate customer satisfaction. If you don't believe them, check out the positive reviews that their clients made about them.

Ever Boots has yet to disappoint with any of their products as they would want all of their dry boots. They even have a lot of models for you to choose from which is always great.

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