Choosing the Best Kitchen Footwear

Choosing the Best Kitchen Footwear

4 Features every chef should look for

Whether you’re working the front of the back of the house, food service is no easy job, especially with the long hours. Choosing the right pair of shoes for your job is a huge decision. That’s why we've put together what we think is the most important criteria for picking out the perfect pair for the job.


1) Design & Materials

Slip on or lace up? Many chefs go for the slip-ons. The constant movement and warm environment make your feet prone to sweating. There’s no avoiding it. Slip-ons provide the breathability you’ll need to combat that moisture.

On a similar note, a lightweight, breathable shoe will allow any moisture to evaporate. If the moisture doesn’t have anywhere to go, you’re bound to become uncomfortable, and prone to other annoying things like blisters and bad odors.


2) Weight

Bulky, heavy shoes are a big NO when it comes to working in and around the kitchen. You need a pair of shoes that keep you light on your feet.

Not only do heavy shoes slow you down, they’re also more prone to wear and tear which makes a huge difference when you’re on your feet for 10-12 hour shifts. Definitely opt for a lightweight, flexible shoe that allows quick and easy movements.

3) Safety

Non-slip is a must for kitchen footwear. Most food service environments require a non-slip shoe, and for good reason. Slips and falls are one of the most common kitchen accidents, and can often be serious. Go for shoes with maximum grip, to protect you from both water and oil hazards.

Water resistance is an added bonus for environments that are prone to spills. A water resistant shoe is also easier to clean than one that isn’t. It isn’t a must, but it could make a difference for those that need it.


4) Comfort & Support

Obviously you want a comfortable pair of shoes.  Look for a pair of shoes with some arch support and make sure they made with good quality materials and durable construction. The higher price is usually (but not always) worth it. A cheaply made pair of shoes might get the job done in the short term, but you’re risking tons of strain on your feet and back in the long term.

Shop the EVER Boots collection for trusted comfort and durability without breaking the bank.

Our top picks for those of you working in and around the kitchen: The Traveler or the Warepro.  

Long story short, a durable, non-slip shoe made with lightweight, breathable materials are ideal for anyone in the food service industry. Your safety is a top priority, and the right pair of shoes can help you do your job comfortably and keep your workspace safe and productive!


Learn more about the styles and features of EVER BOOTS products here.

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