Casual Moc Toe Boot Outfit Ideas

Casual Moc Toe Boot Outfit Ideas

Moc toe boots, or more classically called moccasin boots have been around since the 1950s. The pairs were initially fitted with steel caps and developed for farmers and hunters who often spent their days under strenuous, wet, and cold conditions outside. Today, they have become fall wardrobe staples for men, steel toe boots style or not.

If you're one to own a pair or one who wants to, it's hard to run out of outfit ideas. Here are some modish styles to try.

But First, What are Moc Toe Boots?

Moc toe boots have a narrow toe design and U-shaped stitching. Their seams are usually raised, and some have medallion toes and decorative holes.

The traditional material used for crafting moc toe boots was buffalo skin as they were abundant in the continent. Throughout the years, moccasin shoes have expanded to using other types of leather. Still, the standard tailoring remains rugged and can be dressed up depending on the silhouette.

How to Wear Moc Toe Boots

When styling moc toe shoes, you just have to keep this rule in mind,  the dressy rugged look suits dark and neutral pieces, light layers, and minimal accessories.

With Jeans

Opt for distressed jeans to balance the work boots look of moc toes. A slim-fit pair works perfectly when you want to have your shoes as the focal point of your attire. Roll up the hem up to the height of your boots. Then, cap your look with a dark melange and a light layer of a pea coat.

With Flannel

The evergreen flannel shirt works well with moc toe boots, too. Button it up on top of straight-cut jeans. Fold the hem of the jeans to the height of the boots, and you're set. You can add a layer of black denim jacket and a beanie to complete the preppy artist look.

With Chinos

Moc toe boots are a good way to clean up the look of chill pieces like chino pants The key is to keep the look simple with a basic color palette. Pair tan chinos with a dark t-shirt and neutral-colored accessories, like a watch or a leather belt.

With Shorts

Shorts are another fashion piece that boots can dress up. Again, the key is keeping everything minimal and neutral. You can add socks to the ensemble. Raise the height past that of your footwear so they're visible. This is a good way to add subtle visual texture to a plain outfit.

Invest in Timeless Footwear

Stylish men know the value of investment pieces like a pair of moc toe boots. They come in handy when you just want to look effortlessly stylish at work or on a hangout. A good quality pair also comes with durability you can rely on for years.

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