The Best Work Boots for Carpenters

The Best Work Boots for Carpenters

Carpenters know how important it is to have a high quality work boot to keep them safe and comfortable on the job. Carpentry offers its own variety of risks and hazards compared to other construction related jobs, which deserve a different approach when it comes to selecting the right workwear. 

Here are our top features that every carpenter should look for in a pair of workboots: 


Soft leather is a must, not just for comfort, but also for flexibility especially in the toe region when climbing ladders or getting low to the floor. Tough, rigid boots can limit your range of motion, causing more of a hassle when working in hard to reach places. 


Your work boots need to have ample grip and traction. As mentioned before, the job often requires you to climb ladders or perform tasks at awkwards heights and angles. And on top of that, the work area is often covered in debris like sawdust that make the job even more prone to slips and injuries. 


Comfort is an absolute priority when you spend extended periods of time on your feet. Because work boots are typically on the heavier side, they tend to tire your feet out. That’s why carpenters should look for a boot that’s built with comfort in mind. A wedge sole is one feature that can help support your feet for long periods of time.


Carpenters are exposed to tons of different kinds of debris like sawdust and other tiny particles that can easily get build-up on the underside of your boots. A solid wedge sole helps prevent debris from clumping under your boots, saving a ton of time on clean-up and maintenance.


The EVER Boots Weldor. Comfortable right out of the box, and hits all of our key points for safety and comfort - It’s the perfect moc toe for the job. 

As usual safety comes first. Take your own needs into consideration. Understanding the kinds of risks and hazards that carpenters face while balancing your specific needs for everyday tasks is the right way to approach finding the perfect work boots. 

Learn more about the styles and features of EVER BOOTS products here

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