Best Shoe Leather Types for Work Boots in 2020

Best Durable Quality Work Shoes

Despite the great progress in machinery and advancement in technology, men will still expose themselves to the hazards of those jobs where physical or manual work is required. If you are among them, then a pair of durable work shoes should be an essential item in your footwear arsenal. 

But, you don't need just any work boots. You need the ones made of the best leather. In this article, we will explore shoe leather types for best quality work boots. 

But let’s start with the basics first. Leather is a fascinating material. Since the dawn of time, humans have been using it for a variety of applications, but mostly shoemaking. Leather is an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor shoes. Apart from being super easy to clean, leather offers the highest level of comfort and protection. Other distinguishing points of leather are resistant to abrasion, tear-resistant, durability, and sturdiness.

1. Full Grain Leather

Durable Full Grain Leather Work Shoes

This is the best quality leather for making durable boots. It is obtained from the outermost part of an animal's hide and often processed to remove marks or imperfections. Usually, the more natural a leather is, the more breathable it is. Even when processed, this leather still has the complete grain layer. 

Full-grain leather is a strong material and will make durable work boots. The tight porous nature of this leather type prevents moisture retention. You will love your work boot to have this leather if you want maximum protection, but they are that cheap. 

2. Nubuck Leather

Nubuck Leather Work Shoes for Construction

Nubuck is derived from cattle leather but is often confused with suede. Their main difference is that Nubuck is curved out of the grain part of the hide. Just like suede, it is sanded to produce a unique soft nap, but given that it comes from the grain means that it is much sturdier and resistant.

3. Suede Leather

Suede is a general term used to refer to leather with a roughened surface. As you shave off the air and trim down the grain, you will get the seemingly fleshy part of the hide. This split-part is usually buffed and sanded to create a thin texture. So, you will most likely love it for your informal footwear, but it is slowly becoming a favorite type of leather, even for construction work shoes

4. Split Printed Leather

Hides obtained from cattle are usually thick. With a thickness of 0.2 - 0.4 inches, cowhides can be split into several sheets. Splitting is usually used to refer to the process of turning the hide into a uniform thickness. You might not want to go for this leather if sturdiness is your priority. Some people like work boots made from split printed leather because they are one of the least expensive.

When it comes to standing all day or working on rough surfaces, you want the best material on your feet. Thankfully, you will miss your ideal boot in any other above leather type. Since there is a vast variety of needs and preferences, you will most likely have to play with durability, resistance, breathability, and of course, cost.

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