5 Things to Look for in Waterproof Boots

5 Things to Look for in Waterproof Boots

If you are looking to purchase a new pair of work boots for outdoor use, you likely will want a pair that can handle all types of weather, including downpours. There are different levels of waterproof boots, which means that only some models of boots are completely waterproof and made to keep your feet dry no matter what.

Before you decide which boots are the right choice for you, consider these five key things.

1. Function

Before you even start to look at boots, you need to figure out how and when you will be using them. There are many types of boots out there, from classic rain boots to hiking boots to reinforced boots for work sites, and you will need to make sure that your new footwear suits the occasion.

If you are looking for boots that will transition from city to countryside for casual walks and strolls, then simple rain boots are likely what you will require. However, anything more strenuous will need shoes that offer more support and built-in features like slip resistant soles. 

2. Insulation

Another key component is insulation as this will determine how warm your feet are. Consider key factors like location and activity level when you choose how insulated you want your boots to be.

If you plan on using your boots for hiking during the summer, then you will want only very limited insulation, but still ensure that the waterproofing is retained. You might even opt to have two different pairs of boots: one for hot weather and one for cold. This will allow for optimum comfort while you work or explore the great outdoors.

3. Material

The material that your boots are made out of will usually affect their breathability. While both materials can be made to be water-resistant, leather has more naturally occurring waterproofing capabilities. Leather can be slightly heavier though which you might find makes breaking in the shoes more of an ordeal.

4. Lining

The lining, sometimes called membrane, of a boot is very important when it comes to fully waterproof boots. The lining is bonded to the shoe so that it fully encompasses the foot and will not allow water to get in. The best linings on the market still allow for breathability so that your comfort is not sacrificed.

Just keep in mind that you will still want to keep the outer layer of your boots waterproof as well. This can be done with simple upkeep, such as regularly washing your shoes and coat your shoes in water-repellent as needed.

5. Fit

 Make sure that you do not settle for a pair of ill-fitting boots as this will just make your work day or outdoor excursions an unpleasant hassle, and even painful. When you try on boots make sure that there is some room for your toes to wiggle in but that the rest of the shoe fits snugly. 

Your shoes shouldn’t rub against your heel or toes when you walk and there shouldn’t be too much pressure or tightness either.

Find Your Ideal Pair With Ever Boots

Once you find a pair of waterproof boots that fit like a dream, you will be working and walking in style and comfort for years to come. Ever Boots has a wide selection of waterproof boots available to suit different needs and lifestyles, so contact us today to find the best pair for you.

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