4 Steps to Better Fitting Boots

4 Steps to Better Fitting Boots

There are many reasons why your work boots might feel like they’re fitting differently than you’re used to. They can become looser as the leather softens, or tighter during the summer when it’s hot out. It might also be something as simple as wearing new socks that are thicker than your usual pair.  But regardless of why your boots are fitting differently, it’s important to make the proper adjustments, not only for your comfort but also for obvious safety reasons. 

Here are four easy steps to making tight fitting boots feel more comfortable: 

Redo the laces

Start by completely removing the laces as they are now. Throw on the socks you usually wear while working, and slide your feet into your unlaced shoes. Make sure your feet are sitting comfortably, and begin lacing them. Make sure to take the time to tailor the tightness to a comfortable fit as you make your way up the boot. 

Break them in… again.

Breaking in boots isn’t always the most glamorous process, but it shouldn’t be difficult this time around since they aren’t brand new at this point. Throw on a second pair of socks and wear your boots around the house for a few hours - long enough that the combination of heat and movement will help to soften the leather and flex in all the right places.

Condition the Leather.

Sometimes the tightness comes from dried out leather not flexing where you need them too. Conditioning the leather with natural oils, like mink oil, or synthetic conditioners will help to revitalize the leather, adding moisture, and making them more comfortable and pliable.

Expandable Shoe Trees

Another way to break in the leather without even having to wear them is to let a pair of cedar shoe trees do the work. You can adjust an expandable shoe tree to be just slightly larger than they are now, throw them into your boots immediately after taking them off, and leave them to be gently stretched overnight. It’ll help to stretch the leather without straining your feet PLUS your boots will get the added drying and odor eliminating benefits of the cedar too. 

Repeat these steps as needed until your boots become more comfortable. Just be sure to double check the manufacturer instructions for the leather conditioner for any limitations on how often it can be applied. 

Even the best work boots can be made better by adjusting the fit. Following these simple steps can help reduce stress on your feet, and minimize the risk of injury. 


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