4 Reasons to Grab a Tank S: The Holiday Deal for 2021

4 Reasons to Grab a Tank S: The Holiday Deal for 2021

The Holiday season is in full swing which means now is the perfect time to pick up some last minute holiday gifts for your family members and friends. If you know anyone who works on a construction site or in a related profession or field, then now is the perfect time to buy a new pair of construction boots for your family member or friend.

One of the best models of waterproof construction boots available on the market currently is the Tank S steel toe work boot. These boots are masterfully crafted and made out of the best materials possible, which means the Tank S is built to last and withstand any number of risks and damage.

Even better, Ever Boots is running an unbelievable sale on the Tank S from the 11th to the 20th of December. During these days the Tank S will be available for 35% off its original price! You cannot beat this deal so make sure you act fast before the holiday season is over.

Here are our top 4 reasons why you should buy your loved one a pair of new Tank S construction boots.

1. Perfect for Construction Work

One of the best benefits of the Tank S is that it is an all-around construction boot. Anyone who works outside at a construction or building site and deals with concrete, gravel and other uneven surfaces can be assured that the Tank S’s durable outsole will provide stability in the roughest of construction environments.  The Tank S also comes with our signature Tank tread pattern. This means sure footing and excellent traction on all terrains - whether they be wet or dry.

And the best part of all of this? There’s hardly any need to worry about roughing it up! If the upper and outsole separate, or the outsole falls apart within three months, the Tank S is covered with Ever Boots’ trusty 3-month guarantee.

2. High Quality Materials 

Ever Boots makes sure that all the construction boots we offer are made from the best materials around. This includes premium soft nubuck leather and Goodyear Welt construction which means the Tank S will last for years and are extremely durable no matter what type of work is being done in them.

There are also anti-fatigue steel shanks which are used to give the wearer additional arch support especially when moving on uneven surfaces or moving up ladders and scaffolding. Having a flexible but supportive arch is essential to avoid damage to the muscles and tendons in the feet and ankles.

3. Steel Toe Boot

The Tank S is a steel toe work boot which means there is a piece of steel inserted into the boot during manufacturing around the top half of the shoe. This is a protective element that will keep your feet safe from falling sharp and blunt objects as well as compression risks.

Do not underestimate how necessary steel toe boots are! They can keep you safe from all types of risk without impacting flexibility and quick movement.

4. The Holiday Sale

If you need another reason to buy the Tank S, just consider the wonderful holiday sale going on at Ever Boots right now. You can get 35% off the original price for both the Tank S model and the Copper work boots model from the 11-20th of December.

There is no better time to invest in a pair of boots for your loved one–or even yourself!

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